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Direktor: Igor Dosedla 

Welcome from Director


School Centre Celje is a modern educational centre educating for the economic needs of our local community. It prepares students for further studies at higher vocational colleges and at university.


School centre Celje can trace its roots back to 1959. It began to educate students in two school programmes (civil engineering and mechanical engineering) under the name of Secondary Technical School Celje with only two fully employed teachers. The needs of our social partners and our far community have required more educational programmes over the years. The educational programmes that are offered by our school centre today are listed on the websites of our schools.


The Secondary Technical School Celje changed its name into School Centre Celje in 1996. The schools belonging to our school centre offered educational programmes of secondary schools and a higher vocational college, beginning with mechanical engineering and civil engineering first. Since 2007, when two additional secondary schools joined our school centre (Secondary Vocational Schools Celje and Štore), School Centre Celje has housed the following schools:

  • Grammar School Lava,
  • Secondary School of Chemistry, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering,
  • Secondary School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Protection,
  • Secondary School of Services and Logistics,
  • Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics and Media and
  • Higher Vocational College.

An additional unit that is also part of our school centre is Adult Training Centre, which educates adults and also organizes informal educational programmes.


The school board of our school centre consists of 19 members representing the founder of the school centre, local community, economy, employees, parents, students and the strategic council of Higher Vocational College.


Our students of all schools belonging to School Centre Celje have always ranked high in Slovenia. They have been successful in research projects, different national and international knowledge-based competitions from different educational programmes, in sports, cultural activities such as school theatre, literature clubs and definitely the school choir.


The palette of various school programmes at our school centre, professionally and pedagogically trained teachers offer our students more education than the curriculum requires. This assures that all our students can either successfully start their vocational career or thrive academically.


Igor Dosedla,

Director of School Centre Celje

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